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Our platform makes Salesforce ISV and OEM partners more successful

ISVapp is the central toolbox for Salesforce ISV & OEM partners and helps you to reduce churn, increase renewals, identify upsell potential and close more deals. Our platform is the only plug and play solution for the AppExchange AppAnalytics API and provides deep insights to improve your product.

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ISVapp is a registered Salesforce ISV partner
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Trusted by long-time Salesforce ISV Partners and AppExchange veterans
ISVapp Testimonial — Walker Mattingly, Director of Customer Success at Propertybase
ISVapp is a total game-changer for our Product and Customer Success team!
Walker Mattingly, Director of Customer Success at Propertybase
Salesforce ISV Partner since 2010
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ISVapp Testimonial — Jarrett Kuljis, CEO & Founder of DealerTeam
For many years we have been digging to gain customer insights. ISVApp is the perfect solution for ISV's/OEM partners to better understand their customers.
Jarrett Kuljis, CEO & Founder of DealerTeam
Salesforce ISV Partner since 2012
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ISVapp Testimonial — Stefan Ropte, Managing Director ADvendio
Finally! ISVapp is the only solution that gives us a full understanding of our app usage.
Stefan Ropte, Managing Director ADvendio
Salesforce ISV Partner since 2009
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ISVapp Testimonial — Dr. Sten Grimmer, COO JustOn GmbH
ISVapp provides us with critical business insights that we had no access to before!
Dr. Sten Grimmer, COO JustOn
Salesforce ISV Partner since 2011
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Turn your customers into a growth engine

ISVapp is a plug and play solution for Salesforce ISV partners

  • Ready to go in minutes, no development necessary
  • 100% built on the Salesforce platform
  • Predictive churn analysis
  • Account health scores
  • Detailed usage metrics reporting
  • Trial engagement scores and much more

Higher Closing Rate

Close more deals with the ISVapp Trial Engagement module: ISVapp helps sales teams answer questions like, Does my prospect use the trial? and Which opportunity should I focus on?

Reduced Churn

The ISVapp Early Warning System predicts account usage and helps you identify customers who need attention as early as possible.

Improved Product

Our usage behaviour reporting gives all the insights and details about the product usage and reveals areas of improvement.

Our expertise

Salesforce ISV Partner since 2008. Our team built and operated a high growth business with 200,000+ monthly active users in 60 countries — all on Force.com.

We combine the experience of more than 12 years of Salesforce ISV partnership with our expertise in building highly scalable industry solutions.

The core team behind ISVapp founded Propertybase: the world's leading real estate CRM platform built on Force.com. Propertybase is now a global platform and key player in the real estate sector with more than 200,000 monthly active users in over 60 countries.

After Salesforce decided to build an API that provides analytics data for ISV partners, we teamed up with the AppExchange Team with one goal: to finally solve the usage analytics problem for Salesforce ISV partners.

ISVapp Team

Customer success is the key for your business success

360° Overview — for the whole team

Discover how every department in your company can benefit from being more customer-centric.

Customer Success

Health scores for all your accounts: track customer engagement, predict churn and increase the retention of at-risk customers.


Trial engagement scores for leads and opportunities help you to close more deals and increase your expansion by targeting healthy customers.

Product Management

Improve customer experience with deep usage insights.


Connect with your customers and inform them about product updates, promotions, trainings and more with in-app messaging.

Easy setup

ISVapp is plug and play — No development required


Activate the AppAnalytics API for your Partner Business Org.

Get Assistance


Once the API is activated, you can sign in to ISVapp via OAuth using your Salesforce login.

See and use your data

Finished! We have crunched your data and you can start working with our out-of-the-box reports and KPIs or create your own.

Why ISVapp is better

See why ISVapp is the best solution for the AppAnanlytics API and how we compare to Salesforce Einstein and Tableau

ISVapp Icon Einstein Tableau
Native trial engagement module
Account at risk analysis
Predictive churn forecast
Plug and play setup
Reports library
Ready-to-go dashboards
Integrated in your business org
Automated scalability
Storage included

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