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Discover how every function in your company can benefit from being more customer-centric by leveraging ISV-specific intelligence

Customer Success

Predict churn and increase retention of at-risk customers. Health scores help to track customer engagement.

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Relevant account metrics out of the box

Knowing when your customers renew is key. All your customer data is in one place, which helps you to focus on the right accounts at the right time.

Focus and save time by managing customers

The Dashboard provides an overview of all your customers' activities which will make your daily work more effective and efficient.

Predict churn and act before it's too late

The Predictive Churn Analysis gives a clear overview about the renewal probability of your customers.

Individual and flexible reporting

The Account Browser provides filtering and sorting features that let you create your own reports and views about your customer base.

Powerful insights into your customer base

Knowing your accounts is key to keeping them healthy. Our standard, zero-config reports allow you to shed light on health status by segments like account size or age.

Report on account health by account executive or customer success representative

Determine account health trends among your workforce and spot risks and potentials early on.

Salesforce instance status monitoring

Monitor the Salesforce instance health status and release details integrated in ISVapp in real time for the pods that your customers run on.

Health score breakdown

Use the health score breakdown to identify precisely what features are being used by a customer and which are not.


Trial engagement scores help you expand and close more deals by targeting healthy customers.

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Close more deals

Understand how your potential customers use their trial account — right in Sales Cloud on the Opportunity detail page!

Upsell to the right customers

Engaged customers are likely to be open to buying more services. The ISVapp engagement module helps you to understand which customers are the right ones to be targeted.

Finance & Business Intelligence

Get a reliable renewal forecast for all your customers and increase your revenue by using upselling opportunities

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Predict ISV/OEM renewal cash flow

Predict your renewal cash flow

Insights on how many accounts will renew and how many will churn allows for an accurate renewal forecast and provides the numbers for a precise cash flow calculation.

ISVapp provides upsell opportunities based on license usage

Identify upsell opportunities

Precisely target customers who have the highest potential of generating more revenue.

Leverage the full upselling potential of your customer base

Detailed upselling breakdown

Clearly understand the upselling opportunities of each account and sell exactly what they need.

Upsell licenses to Salesforce subscribers that fully utilize all of their licenses

Grow with your customers by upselling licenses

ISVapp shows you a detailed license profile and growth projection for each customer. Identify possible upselling opportunities early on and stay up to speed with fast-growing accounts.

Increase your revenue by upselling Salesforce data and file storage

Increase your revenue by upselling Salesforce Add-ons

Leverage data storage shortages in your customers' Salesforce organizations to increase revenue.

Product Management

Improve customer experience with deep insights and pre-built app usage reports — tailored for the Salesforce ISV platform

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Gain insights about your product's usage

Understanding the data your customers generate helps you to improve your product.

Track your customer's custom object usage

The Object Analyzer allows you to drill down into the usage of your package's custom objects.

Analyze your product's version breakdown

Identify customers on legacy product versions and track the overall customer fragmentation.

Track your customer's journey

The Page Analyzer tracks every step of your customer's journey and provides insights into the usage of Lightning apps, components and pages, as well as Visualforce pages.

Segment customers by country

Get a quick, out-of-the-box breakdown of your customers based on country of origin.

Segment customers by language

Properly address the languages and locale settings that your customers have enabled in their subscriber organizations.


Take action based on ISVapp insights

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Smart Recommendations & Reporting

Stay on top of things with weekly reports that allow you to understand the current state of your customer base. ISVapp will digest and summarize the most important changes and prepare a set of recommendations for you to take action.

Automated Action Plans

Coordinate your team and any necessary tasks with the click of a button by using ISVapp action plans. Easily start a set of tasks to prevent churn, manage check-ups or upsell licenses to selected customers.

Slack Integration

Access account metrics where they matter — for the whole team

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Let the ISVapp Slackbot answer your questions

Context matters: the ISVapp Slackbot allows everyone on the team to access and share account metrics in Slack channels and conversations.

Experience Cloud

Analyze how your product is used by Experience Cloud (Community) users

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Understand which users interact with your application

ISVapp allows you to segment your active users by user type and see exact usage data for internal and external users.

Bill by user or login numbers

Ensuring external user compliance is not always straight forward. Evaluate external user or login numbers to bill your customers correctly.

Custom Events

We help you retrieve what is missing

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Capture and report on custom key events

We learned that every partner's product is unique. There are different types of events for each partner that are not covered by the Salesforce App Analytics API. Sometimes one of those events is the missing piece to get the bigger picture.

Through our own ingestion API and by leveraging the completely native Salesforce Feature Management (FMA), we offer two options to overcome the restrictions of the App Analytics API. We have successfully helped partners report on custom key information and will assist you to get the information that you need.

ISVapp allows for ingestion of arbitrary events
Native Salesforce Events
  • Track simple information
  • Completely Salesforce Native
  • Minimal implementation effort
ISVapp Ingestion API
  • Track complex information
  • No restrictions or limitations
  • Small implementation effort

Example Use Cases

  • What is the record count for a specific record type?
  • What is the time-span between a completed customer onboarding and the first invoice being created?
  • How many calls does a customer perform per day?
  • How many users of a specific profile log in each day?


Plug and play couldn't be made easier!

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Connect within minutes

Connecting your Salesforce business org is easy and requires only a few steps. You will be up and running within a few minutes.

Your unique business requires a flexible setup

Our feature management allows you to group custom objects and Visualforce pages, as well as Lightning apps, pages and components into meaningful features and track their adoption.

Track and configure multiple packages

If you have more than one package, ISVapp is capable of tracking all of them. You can weigh these packages individually and configure the health score to your needs.

Adjust the health score to fit your business

The Health Score Configurator allows you to adjust ISVapp to track exactly what's relevant for your business: KPIs like daily and monthly active users or Lightning and custom object events, allowing you to precisely reflect the package's purpose in our health score.

Data storage is free

It's 2021 and charging for data storage is a no-go!

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Never run out of storage

ISVapp features unlimited data storage for all the data provided by the AppExchange AppAnalytics API.

Data security and privacy

Your data is your data! All protected within the Salesforce environment. At ISVapp, we don't collect personal data from your customers. All usage data we process is provided anonymously by Salesforce via the AppExchange AppAnalytics API.


ISVapp is built on top of the Salesforce platform

ISVapp leverages the AppExchange AppAnalytics API, which is provided by Salesforce. Learn more about the API here. The ISVapp Analytics Engine runs 100% on Heroku. Our goal is to provide a seamless user experience within an environment every ISV & OEM partner knows.

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ISVapp runs on the Salesforce platform

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