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Enhanced ISVapp Feature Management

ISVapp Feature Management Salesforce Feature Taxonomy Feature Ranking
This month, ISVapp introduces significant enhancements to its Feature Management, including a more streamlined feature ranking interface and the addition of a multi-level feature taxonomy for better organization. These updates allow users to navigate and view aggregated usage metrics more easily, providing clearer insights and improved structure for their Salesforce package components.

April Feature Update: Usage by Country

Country Usage World Map Salesforce Access By Country
April brings a new feature to ISVapp that visualizes where in the world your managed package is being used. This helps you understand the geographic distribution of your user base to meet specific cultural and regional needs.

Combined Account Browser and Feature Matrix

Account Browser Feature Update Feature Matrix ISV and OEM Standard Reporting
ISVapp has combined two of its most popular features, the Account Browser and the Feature Matrix, into one single tool. This merge makes use of the shared functions between both features, making them more powerful and easier to use. In this article, we'll go over the new and improved features, showing how this change makes things simpler and more effective for users.

August Feature Update

Feature Update Currency Fields Product Version LMA
In August, the product team added several small but useful improvements to ISVapp. Among them: more export options, current product version support and currency fields.

How Usage Analytics with ISVapp Improves Your Top and Bottom Line

Customer Success Story Usage Analytics Product Insights ISVapp
Usage analytics data is crucial for businesses as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling improvements in marketing, sales strategies, efficiency, and cost reduction, ultimately enhancing both the top and bottom line.

July Feature Update: Synchronize Engagement Metrics to your PBO

Feature Update Field Synchronization PBO Custom Metrics
In the July release, ISVapp fully automates the synchronization of any engagement-based feature metric with your Partner Business Organization (PBO).

June Feature Update: Retention Analysis

User Retention Cohort Analysis ISVapp Feature Update Product Management
Retention analysis enables businesses to track customer behavior over time, measure user retention and engagement rates, identify opportunities for improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn. This month, we're rolling out feature-based retention analysis within ISVapp.

April Feature Update: Salesforce Field Mapping

Custom Fields Customization Salesforce Integration
Many Salesforce ISV and OEM partners maintain and access critical account information via custom fields on the Account object. With this months release, it becomes very easy to automatically sync ISVapp feature metrics directly into custom Salesforce fields.

February Feature Update: Engagement Improvements

Engagement Monthly Active Users (MAU) Feature Update
In February we have added a set of useful improvements to the engagement module within ISVapp. The most important addition is the possibility to view the overall engagement across all packages.

December Feature Update: Device Type Analytics

Device Type Analytics Mobile vs. Desktop Tablet User Device Salesforce ISV/OEM applications
Todays business applications are often consumed via different end user devices such as mobile phones, tablets or desktop & laptop computers. Salesforce ISV and OEM applications and their managed packages are no exception. That's why ISVapp now supports device type differentiation natively.

October Feature Update: REST API

REST API ISVapp Feature Update Integration JSON API
The ISVapp REST API allows customers on the the Unlimited Plan to consume ISVapp metrics in a programmatical way and request raw usage data.

Feature Update: New Customization Options and User Groups

ISVapp Feature Update Customization Options User Groups Dashboards ISV/OEM Operations
ISVapp contains a broad range of reports for different areas of the business like Customer Success, Product Management, Sales and Management. In order to tailor the ISVapp experience to those different functions, we have added additional customization options in the latest ISVapp release.

Feature Update: License Manager

ISVapp Feature Update License Management LMA ISV/OEM Operations
As a Salesforce ISV or OEM partner, you are used to manage your licenses through the Salesforce License Management Application (LMA). The new License Manager in ISVapp is a natural extension on top of the LMA. It proactively notifies you of any inconsistencies within your license records and allows you to quickly clean things up right in ISVapp.

Feature Update: Analyze Apex Executions

ISVapp Feature Update Apex executions Feature Management Managed Package
Apex is the programming language that Salesforce developers love (and sometimes hate). It's specific to the Salesforce platform and at the heart of almost every package. From this month, the ISVapp feature management fully supports Apex Executions.

Feature Update: Advanced Server Incident Monitoring

ISVapp Feature Update Server Incident Monitoring ISV/OEM Operations
Knowing when server incidents affect the functionality or performance of your Salesforce OEM or ISV product is essential for a healthy relationship to your customers. The new Server Monitoring feature within ISVapp allows you to quickly identify the impact of an incident and provides you with a feed of updates directly from the Salesforce Trust Portal.

Feature Update: Multiple Health Scores

ISVapp Feature Update Health Score Customer Success Early Warning
The ISVapp Health Score is an important metric that helps to identify accounts that need immediate attention. This month, we have launched a more flexible way of configuring the Health Score. In addition, customers can now create multiple Health Scores per account.

Feature Update: Multi-Factor Authentication Reporting

ISVapp Feature Update Salesforce App Analytics Multi-Factor Authentication MFA Compliance Security
With the upcoming enforcement of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in all Salesforce organizations, OEM partners have a special interest in ensuring that their customer organizations are compliant. The new MFA Reporting capabilities in ISVapp will help you to achieve this.

January Feature Update: Advanced User Management

ISVapp Feature Update Salesforce App Analytics User Management SSO
Administrators already know and love the plug-and-play Salesforce-SSO capabilities of ISVapp. In addition to that, we have now added advanced controls that allow our customers to grant ISVapp-access to users that have no Salesforce user within the company organization.

December Feature Update: Custom Object Record Counts

ISVapp Feature Update Salesforce App Analytics Custom Objects Snapshots
Many Salesforce ISV and OEM applications are built around a number of business-critical custom objects. ISVapp allows partners to understand how users interact with those objects via Feature Management and the Object Analyzer. As of this month's release, ISVapp provides additional insights on custom objects via "Custom Object Record Counts".

November Feature Update: Account Status Override

ISVapp Feature Update Salesforce App Analytics License Management Application
Knowing where exactly an account stands on its journey is essential. It allows your customer success and onboarding teams to dedicate the right resources at the right time. Furthermore, it is key to understand which accounts need more attention right now.

October Feature Update: Overhauled Dashboards for ISV and OEM partners

ISVapp Feature Update ISV and OEM Dashboards Salesforce App Analytics
This month we have overhauled the ISVapp dashboards on both the global and account level. They now include more relevant details right on one page and allow you to dig deeper with a click of a button.
Listen to our CEO Max-Michael Mayer on this month's episode of the »How We Got There« podcast, hosted by the great Mike Davis.

August Feature Update: Operation Counts

ISVapp Feature Update Feature Analysis Salesforce Managed Package Custom Object CRUD
Data is the foundation for most business applications. That is especially true for those built on the platform, with its concept of custom objects. Because of that, it is essential for Salesforce ISV and OEM partners to understand precisely how their customers are interacting with those objects. With our latest addition to ISVapp, this became a lot easier and anyone can interpret it.

July Feature Update: CRUD Feature Support and App Customizations

ISVapp Feature Update Appearance Feature Analysis Salesforce Managed Package
We have added multiple ways to further customize the functionality and appearance of ISVapp. Additionally, you can now configure custom object operation types (Create, Read, Update and Delete) in our Feature Management section.

June Feature Update: License Insights

ISVapp Feature Update License Insights License Management Application Adoption
Understanding license utilization is key for ISV and OEM partners, especially for those that sell Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community) licenses. Learn more about how ISVapp streamlines this process with our June feature update.

May Feature Update: Feature Adoption

ISVapp Feature Update Feature Analysis Adoption
The May update allows ISVapp customers to analyze the feature adoption of their managed ISV and OEM packages.

April Feature Update: Engagement Metrics Export

ISVapp Feature Update Export Excel CSV
April brings a highly requested feature: being able to export chart data into common formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV or PNG.

March Feature Update: Customizable Rules for Active Users

ISVapp Feature Update Engagement Metrics Monthly Active Users
In March we added a visual editor that allows you to specify what defines an active user - giving you the ability to fine-tune the engagement metrics without the need to set up your own reporting.

February Feature Update: REST API and Slack Integration

ISVapp Feature Update Slack Integration REST API App Analytics Package Usage Log
In this months release we added a REST API to request raw data files programatically. Additionally, those customers working with Slack, can now access relevant account metrics directly in chat conversations.

January Feature Update: External User Visualization

ISVapp Feature Update Community Experience Cloud Internal vs. External Users
ISVapp now provides a visualization of app usage segmented by user types: internal vs. external (Community / Experience Cloud users)

December Feature Update: Enhanced Usage Insights

ISVapp Feature Update Usage
ISVapp now gives you enhanced insights into your monthly and daily usage.

November Feature Update: Finance and Upselling Add-On

ISVapp Feature Update Finance Upselling
Make sure to not miss out on any additional revenue with ISVapp's new finance and upselling feature.

Salesforce Winter '21 Release Update

ISVapp Winter 21 ISV Partners
Learn all about the newest Salesforce AppAnalytics Winter '21 Release features. We will cover new features and summarize all changes to the AppExchange App Analytics API that powers ISVapp.

October Feature Update: Full Salesforce Integration

ISVapp Feature Update Salesforce Managed Package
Access data where it matters: ISVapp now fully integrates into your Partner Business Organization.

August Feature Update: Health Score Insights

ISVapp Feature Update Health Score Segmentation
August brings a new feature to ISVapp that lets partners segment their customer base by several criteria.
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