2020-12-27 — ISVapp Blog

December Feature Update: Enhanced Usage Insights

ISVapp Feature Update Usage
ISVapp now gives you enhanced insights into your monthly and daily usage.

Additional Organization Support

ISVapp now allows you to compare usage between different organization types and statuses. The following organizations are now supported in our daily and monthly usage overviews:

Monthly Active Users

  • Production

  • NEW: Demo

Daily Active Users

  • Production

  • NEW: Demo

  • NEW: Trial

  • NEW: Sandbox

Reworked User Interface

Our reworked user interface allows you to immediately see the absolute active user counts for your organizations:

ISVapp Enhanced Monthly Usage
ISVapp Enhanced Daily Usage

If you want to get an overview of all currently supported organizations, you can find more information in our Helpcenter.

Where can I find the new functionality?

You can find the improved user interface under the Product Insights tab in the main navigation.

Feedback Icon As always, we appreciate any feedback or questions via [email protected].

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