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February Feature Update: REST API and Slack Integration

ISVapp Feature Update Slack Integration REST API App Analytics Package Usage Log
In this months release we added a REST API to request raw data files programatically. Additionally, those customers working with Slack, can now access relevant account metrics directly in chat conversations.


ISVapp is a plug and play solution that provides several ready-to-go metrics like monthly, weekly and daily active users, health scores, renewal metrics and much more. These insights do not require any configuration or setup.

For partners that would like to have access to the raw PackageUsageLog files provided by the Salesforce App Analytics API, we now offer a REST API that can be used to retrieve those files. ISVapp securely archives the raw data files for customers, so you can run your own analytics and backup routines at any point in time using your own tools and programming languages (for example Python, Java, Power BI, Segment, Redshift or Presto).

What's the difference compared to the App Analytics API?

Since ISVapp builds on top of the official Salesforce App Analytics API, the data provided by the ISVapp REST API is the same data we request on behalf of our customers from Salesforce. However, ISVapp retains and securely archives the data. In contrast to that, the Salesforce App Analytics API has a retention window of 30 days.

Slack Integration

Accessing information right where it matters is key in today's connected workplaces. ISVapp now comes with an official Slack integration that lets you "ask" ISVapp questions in Slack. For example, to show information about a particular account in Slack, you can type /isvapp ACME Inc. and ISVapp will respond with an account snapshot.

ISVapp Slack Integration

Where can I find the new functionality?

This is an opt-in feature. It can be enabled via Setup > Integrations > Slack.

Feedback Icon As always, we appreciate any feedback or questions via [email protected].

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