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June Feature Update: License Insights

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Understanding license utilization is key for ISV and OEM partners, especially for those that sell Salesforce Experience Cloud (Community) licenses. Learn more about how ISVapp streamlines this process with our June feature update.

Many Salesforce OEM partners generate all or a portion of their licensing revenue through Experience Cloud (Communities). Previously, those partners had no reliable way to bill customers accurately for what they use — for example the number of unique user logins within a given timeframe.

After a phase of close collaboration with several partners, ISVapp now launches a central License Compliance report. It enables partners to understand precisely how intense their application is used, segmented by internal users and external logins.

ISVapp License Compliance Community

The new feature also works seamlessly for partners that don't leverage Experience Cloud (Communities) at all by providing an easy way to spot under- or over-utilization.

ISVapp License Compliance

Where can I find the new functionality?

You can find this feature by selecting the new License Compliance tab in the main navigation on top of the page.

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