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October Feature Update: Overhauled Dashboards for ISV and OEM partners

ISVapp Feature Update ISV and OEM Dashboards Salesforce App Analytics
This month we have overhauled the ISVapp dashboards on both the global and account level. They now include more relevant details right on one page and allow you to dig deeper with a click of a button.

ISVapp has been growing rapidly since its public launch in 2020. Since then, we have worked closely with our customers and continuously improved the product. The Salesforce ISV and OEM partner community, as well as the App Analytics product team have proven to be a great source of feedback and ideas.

We now took a step back and overhauled the most-used parts of ISVapp — the global and account detail dashboards.

ISVapp New Dashboard Layouts

Both dashboards now allow our users to access more relevant data points on a single page, without the need to switch context. The previous tab-based navigation has been removed and users can now drill down via the respective More buttons.

Where can I find the new functionality?

Visit ISVapp via the Salesforce "Waffle" or open the ISVapp tab on any Account record to see the new dashboards in action.

Feedback Icon As always, we appreciate any feedback or questions via [email protected].

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