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December Feature Update: Device Type Analytics

Device Type Analytics Mobile vs. Desktop Tablet User Device Salesforce ISV/OEM applications
Todays business applications are often consumed via different end user devices such as mobile phones, tablets or desktop & laptop computers. Salesforce ISV and OEM applications and their managed packages are no exception. That's why ISVapp now supports device type differentiation natively.

Analyzing device-specific usage is crucial for any software product as it provides insights into how users are interacting with the product on different devices. This information can help identify any device-specific issues or opportunities for improvement, and ensure that the product is optimized for all devices, ultimately improving user experience and satisfaction.

As of this month, ISVapp supports device analytics automatically:

Device Type Screenshot

The example above clearly shows a decreasing usage trend for desktop devices, while the usage on mobile phones is trending upwards. That's an essential data point for several stakeholders and decision makers within the company, primarily product management, customer success and product marketing as it shows how users use the product.

Where can I find the new functionality?

You can find Device Type analytics within the feature overview under Product Insights > Features.

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