July Feature Update: Synchronize Engagement Metrics to your PBO

Feature Update Field Synchronization PBO Custom Metrics
In the July release, ISVapp fully automates the synchronization of any engagement-based feature metric with your Partner Business Organization (PBO).

It was already possible to access specific metrics in your Partner Business Organization (PBO) via the ISVapp field sync. With this update to the ISVapp Salesforce Sync, you are now able to map any engagement-related metric (e.g. Monly Active Users) to any supported custom field in your PBO. The synchronization supports String, Text, Int and Double fields and automatically runs once every day.

Having important usage metrics directly in your Salesforce organization comes with several advantages:

  • Choose the metrics that are most important to you and display them directly on the Account detail page.

  • Salesforce Partners that use the internal reporting features of Salesforce do now have endless options to create their own reports based on the usage metrics that ISVapp provides.

  • Proactively react to changes on any custom metric that ISVapp syncs back into your organization by leveraging standard Salesforce automation functionality like Flows or Apex Triggers.

Setting up a field synchronization mapping can be done with a few clicks under Setup > Salesforce Sync:

Engagement Sync

You have the option to narrow down each metric by package and user type (internal or external). Alternatively, you may choose to include usage combined across all packages in case you have more than one enabled in ISVapp.

Regardless of what you have selected to show in the ISVapp user interface via appearance settings, the field synchronization will always consider the most recent full month or week and will not synchronize any month-to-date metrics that are still subject to change.

Where can I find the new functionality?

You can find the new option under Setup > Salesforce Sync. Simply click the "Add field" button and follow the mapping wizard.

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