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April Feature Update: Usage by Country

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April brings a new feature to ISVapp that visualizes where in the world your managed package is being used. This helps you understand the geographic distribution of your user base to meet specific cultural and regional needs.

Understanding the geographic distribution of a product's user base is critical for a software company because it allows to tailor features, support, and user experience to the specific needs and preferences of different cultural and regional markets.

It also supports informed decisions about localization, regional compliance, and server infrastructure optimization to improve performance and user experience across multiple locations.

Meet the new ISVapp country breakdown:

Country Usage Blog Image

When you view your ISVapp dashboard or a specific account, you'll notice a new component that visualizes product usage by country. You can view the data as a world map or as a list. For each country, it lists the percentage of users who have used your products from that particular country.

You can use the "Month" dropdown to compare the data to previous months, starting in January 2024. If you have Community Visualization enabled, we'll report the same data segmented by user type.

Where can I find the new functionality?

You will find this new feature on your Company Dashboard, where it is enabled by default. To see the same country breakdown on the Account Details page, you can enable the "Show Country Breakdown" setting under Setup > Appearance.

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