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How can I reauthenticate my Partner Business Organization (PBO)

Last modified on 2022-11-17

In some cases, ISVapp has to be re-authenticated with your Partner Business Organization (PBO), for example:

  • When a user leaves your organization and that user previously has set up ISVapp

  • When you want to change the user that previously has set up ISVapp

Re-authenticating is straight-forward:

  1. Sign into Salesforce using the user you would like to use for re-authenticating ISVapp

  2. Navigate to the ISVapp Dashboard (via the App Chooser) using your current user

  3. Click on the blue Setup button on the top right

  4. Click on Onboarding Wizard

  5. Click the Connect PBO step and hit Use a different organization and then Connect a new organization

  6. A modal will appear, click Start OAuth flow

  7. In the new tab that opens, a Salesforce dialogue will appear. If necessary, enter your Salesforce credentials and click "Allow".

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