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Override License Trial Status

Last modified on 2022-11-17

Available in package version and above.

You can override a License's trial status if you do not (or do not want to) maintain them in the LMA.

You can simply maintain those overrides in your Partner Business Organization (PBO) via custom fields that are provided through our ISVapp Package.

If you maintain those values elsewhere - for example in your own custom fields - you may add an automation of your choice to keep the ISVapp-provided fields in sync with your own fields. ISVapp will automatically load the values specified in any override fields and adjust usage and compliance metrics accordingly.


ISVapp package version is installed in your Partner Business Organization (PBO). You can get the latest package version here.

License Trial Status Override Field

By default, ISVapp will derive an Account's status by evaluating all licenses connected to the Account. Accounts with only trial licenses will not be included in any ISVapp reporting.

You can override the status of production licenses of customers that are still in a trial phase, or should generally be treated as trial-only customers via the following field: sflma__License__c.ia__IsTrial__c

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