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Why does ISVapp show more active than licensed users?

Last modified on 2022-11-28


To exclude any issues due to out-of-date Licenses, please ensure that you have refreshed your Salesforce Licenses. You can follow the steps in How can I refresh my Licenses? to execute a License refresh.


ISVapp shows 100 active users for a specific customer. However, the customer has only assigned 10 licenses.

How is this possible?

In Salesforce, users can access certain parts of your package without being licensed, which results in more active users, than assigned licenses.

For example, custom Apex Triggers or global Apex methods run in System Mode and can be accessed by unlicensed users. If your package includes a custom Trigger on a Salesforce standard object (e.g. Account, Contact), than this functionality can be triggered by anyone that has access to the respective object.

How can we solve this problem?

You can create an active user configuration in ISVapp, that allows you to only include events, that you deem as an active interaction with your package. Active user numbers will then be calculated based on this configuration. The ISVapp support is happy to assist you with setting that up, please reach out via the contact form.

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