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How to Use Salesforce Custom Interactions to Instrument Custom Analytics Events Into ISVapp

Last modified on 2024-02-07

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Note: The Custom Interaction feature will be available in the Spring '24 Salesforce release. We'll be updating this article regularly as more details become available. In February 2024, we'll provide an implementation tutorial.

What can I do with Custom Interactions?

Custom Interactions is the name of a new, native Salesforce Apex feature that allows ISV and OEM partners to send custom events to the AppAnalytics data stream. The feature will be available to use in Apex starting with the Spring '24 release in February 2024.

ISVapp leverages the AppAnalytics data stream to allow detailed, over-time, usage analytics, health scores, retention analysis and alerts.

What are common use cases for Custom Interactions?

Salesforce AppAnalytics does already track a list of component interactions automatically. Most things that are part of your managed package ― custom objects, Visualforce pages, Lightning components, certain Apex function calls ― are mostly covered by AppAnalytics. We have documented the available events in this guide. You can already use and analyze all of these events in ISVapp using our Feature Management module.

There are however key events in your product or during the customer lifetime that you cannot track using the available data in AppAnalytics. The release of Custom Interactions changes that and is a great addition to the AppAnalytics API. Here are few use cases:

  • Tracking key events (success, finish, failure) within a certain business process

  • Tracking record creations of Standard Objects via managed triggers (Accounts, Opportunities etc.)

  • Tracking certain adoption milestones, e.g. "Customer has performed Action A, B and C"

  • Understanding specific user flows

  • Tracking Lightning and Visualforce user interface interactions

How does it look?

The following is a simplified example of a standard Apex code snippet that can be used to track a custom interaction (Source: Salesforce Webinar Hacking Growth with App Analytics):


  • February 2024: the Custom Interactions feature becomes available for use in your managed packages. ISVapp will accompany the launch with an extended implementation guide and more examples.

  • February 2024: Custom Interactions became available within the ISVapp Feature Management.


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