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Package Usage Logs and Summaries

Last modified on 2022-11-28

Usage logs and usage summaries are the foundation of the App Analytics API. Usage logs will precisely cover each single event in a subscriber's organization. Usage summaries provide a high level overview of the overall usage of a specific month. Please be aware that there are additional important differences between usage logs and usage summaries.


Usage Summaries are collected regardless of any activation date. Once a package has passed its first Security Review, the API will start to aggregate usage summary data.

Usage logs will be collected once the respective package has been enabled for data collection by Salesforce. See our guide on how to activate the API by logging a case with Salesforce.

Security Review Requirements

Your package needs to be security reviewed before you are able to activate it for App Analytics. Additionally usage logs and usage summaries have different requirements when it comes to a specific package version. Usage logs are only tracked for security reviewed and any subsequent package versions. Usage summaries are also tracked for versions preceding the first security reviewed version. 

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